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Adam Miller drops 30 points before fight ends Morgan Park prematurely

Coming off of back-to-back state titles, Morgan Park (Chicago) opened its season against Mayfair (Lakewood, Calif.) at the Jordan Brand Concord Classic at the XS Tennis Center in Chicago.
An altercation between players that escalated into a bench-clearing fight in the middle of the third quarter shortened the contest, which was called for security reasons. Morgan Park won the abbreviated game 50-32 thanks to 17 first-half points and 30 overall from junior guard Adam Miller.
Junior guard Josh Christopher led the way for Mayfair with eight first-half points.
Morgan Park head coach Nick Irvin attempted to put the game into perspective after a chaotic ending, which resulted in the building being cleared of spectators, with coaches and officials scrambling to reach a peaceful resolution on the court.
“I just told them to stay calm at all times,” said Irvin. “You know, when you’ve beaten somebody like that, everybody’s gonna try you or whatever. You’ve just gotta be mindful of what’s going on and just do what you’ve got to do to win the ballgame.”

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To their credit, the coaching staffs from both sides deliberated and concluded that calling the game was in the best interest of both programs.
Irvin also praised the play of senior Shawn Washington, who recorded six points in the first half before the game was called.
“Shawn is a do-it-all type of guy,” Irvin said. “He’s gonna be real good for us. Playing our first game, it’s always going to be tough. Shawn is going to a be a good ballplayer.”

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Moving forward, Irvin said that the success of his program – and the target on his team’s back that comes with it – is something his players will need to embrace.
“Every day we have to learn from everything we do in life,” Irvin said. “I’ve just got to tell them to be mindful… When you’re the best team in the state of Illinois, everybody is going to try you. When you’ve got the best player, Adam Miller, in the state of Illinois, people will try you.”
Earlier that night, the Concord Classic played host to teams from as far away as The Bronx (Monsignor Scanlan) and Houston, (Elkins). Local schools Hillcrest and Whitney Young held serve, winning 61-55 and 77-60, respectively.