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Arkansas HS team starts ruckus by cutting down nets at defeated foe after clinching conference

An Arkansas high school basketball game descended into momentary madness when the victors attempted to collect their spoils, even though they were doing so on an opposing court.
As noted by our friends at The Big Lead, among other outlets, Tuesday night’s Little Rock (Ark.) Hall High School 57-43 victory at Little Rock (Ark.) Parkview clinched the Arkansas Activities Association 5A Central Conference championship. As the final seconds ticked off the clock, Hall players brought out a broom (that had first been wielded by their coach) to celebrate, memorializing Hall’s season sweep against Parkview.
According to Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Hall also tried to bring out a ladder to cut down the Parkview nets, though you can’t see it in the video below.
Parkview didn’t take kindly to that gesture, with Parkview players chasing after their Hall counterparts and initiating a classic heated shoving and pushing match.

It's what happens in the 501 … it's LRHall vs. LRParkview … it's a rivalry game … and it got hot AFTER the final horn …
— Kevin McPherson (@ARHoopScoop) February 20, 2019

That could have been the end … but it wasn’t. Instead, just as cooler heads began to prevail near the sideline, a Hall player brought out a chair from the bench and pair of scissors to finish cutting down one of the Parkview nets to commemorate the title.
It was a brazen move, and one which drew more ire from the Parkview crowd and at least one campus security officer, who gesticulated at the players to stop without actually forcing them to.
In the end, Hall escaped with a net, Parkview school security escaped without having to arrest everyone and all sides left with a slight decrease in self dignity.
“That’s petty,” Parkview coach Al Flanigan told the Democrat Gazette. “That’s just like the coach, man. I would never in a million years do anything like that. I would never try to embarrass nobody. If I won the game, I’d just shake hands and go home. That’s what it’s all about.
“He ain’t got no respect for the game. But that’s alright. What goes around, comes around.”

Colo. HS lacrosse coaches die in Aspen avalanche

Aspen (Colo.) High School’s teams are called the Skiers. It’s at least a touch crushing then that one of the school’s most beloved coaches was killed Saturday when he prepared for a backcountry skiing race.
As reported by the Aspen Times, Michael Goerne, the 37-year-old founder and head coach of the Aspen High boys lacrosse team, was killed when he was trapped under an avalanche on Saturday as he trained for the Grand Traverse backcountry ski race. He died alongside another lacrosse coach, 27-year-old Owen Green.

Goerne founded the Aspen lacrosse program as a club team, transitioned it to a varsity sport and even led the team to a state title in 2015.
The pair were killed while on a training ski trek at an area near Crested Butte. Both bodies were recovered within hours of the avalanche, and tributes to bth flooded in after they were found.
“It is a huge loss for our school, for our lacrosse team, for really the community, and not just Aspen, but the whole Roaring Fork Valley,” Aspen High School athletic director Martha Richards told the Times. “Mike and Owen both touched so many kids.”
It’s unknown who will take on Goerne’s leadership role with Aspen lacrosse in his stead. What is certain is that his shoes won’t be easy to fill.

Girls basketball coach on leave after alleged post-dodgeball assault of student

A Texas girls basketball coach has been placed on leave after an alleged assault of a student in one of his classes following a dodgeball incident.
As reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bowie (Texas) girls basketball and track and field coach Chuck Hall was placed on leave following an initial report by Child Protective Services to local police. The subsequent police report paints a picture of a disturbing incident sparked by a dodgeball altercation.
Here’s more from the Star-Telegram:
A police report was filed Feb. 5, alleging the coach yelled at a 14-year-old student after the coach was hit in the head with a dodgeball as the class ended. The two then ended up on a gym floor with the coach on top of the teen, according to the report.
The incident in question was captured on security video, and Hall has not denied his involvement. Rather, he issued an apology for his role in the incident.
“I’m deeply regretful and sorrowful for the position that I have put my family, my friends, my girls basketball team, the school, and more than anyone else, the student and his parents,” Hall said in a telephone interview with the Star-Telegram.
There has been no indication of when Hall’s case may receive further review, or whether he will return to the sidelines during the basketball or forthcoming track season. For now, a deeper investigation into the dodgeball incident is ongoing.

Del Oro (Calif.) HS forced to forfeit NorCal title due to ineligible player

The California high school football season has been over since mid-December, but Northern California has a new Division 1-A football champion.
That’s all been necessitated by a ruling brought down against Del Oro High School, the 2018 champion which has now had to forfeit its title for the use of an ineligible player. As reported by Sacramento CBS affiliate KOVR, Del Oro was found to have used an ineligible player during the late stages of a 36-7 win over Tracy on Nov. 9.

While the game was well out of hand by the time the unnamed JV transfer entered, his mere involvement in the game was enough to render it a forfeit, as well as all the contests that followed. Those changes invalidate Del Oro’s title and instead send the crown to Saint Francis School (Mountain Vista, Calif.), which Del Oro edged out, 14-13, in the NorCal championship.
Del Oro then fell to Grace Brethren (Simi Valley, Calif.) in the 1-A state championship game, 21-14.
Jeff Walters, the Del Oro head football coach, told players and parents in a letter that the mistake in the fielding the player was due to a pure clerical error, indicating that the coaching staff had no more idea about it than anyone else.
That may well be true, but it won’t bring back Del Oro’s Northern California title, no matter how small a role the ineligible athlete may have played in it.

Did Calif. school hire rookie head football coach to land his star QB son?

A California private school has filled its football coaching vacancy with a novice head coach who has as much relevant experience as a coach in the Arena League as the high school level. However, the appointment of Ryan Green as the new coach at Modesto Christian comes with a catch: He’s bringing a pretty impressive young quarterback with him in the form of his son, Beau Green.
The younger Green was a sophomore at Downey (Calif.) High School, where he started at quarterback for the team’s first five games before he injured his shoulder and was lost for the remainder of the season. According to the Modesto Bee, Green had a quarterback rating of 109.3 with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions in his games before the injury.

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The expectation is that the younger Green will now take over as the starting quarterback at Modesto Christian for the next two seasons, assuming he’s allowed to. That part of the equation isn’t quite so straightforward, as he will have to prove a need for a hardship waiver to justify immediately eligibility on his new campus; the Bee reported Beau Green will be expected to be on campus in a matter of days.
While the Green family has yet to file for a transfer, it is expected that will come in a matter of days, and so long as Ryan Green is not deemed to be a part of Downey’s coaching staff for the 2018 season — he allegedly helped out with a handful of practices, but did nothing more — there are no hard and fast structural reasons why the younger Green couldn’t play for the older Green from Day 1 at Modesto Christian.
All of this raises other unique questions of course, chief among them what role the availability of a talent like Beau Green has on making his father a more attractive candidate. That’s not to say that Ryan Green was hired because he has a talented quarterback son, just that it’s worth wondering whether that played some role in the decision.
Either way, if Beau Green is deemed eligible, Modesto Christian will be ready to roll with a talented quarterback and precisely the man who knows how to design an offensive game plan to get the most out of him, all packaged nicely from the get-go.

New Minnesota governor Tim Walz was a state champion football coach at Mankato (Minn.) West HS

When Tim Walz was elected to serve as the new governor of Minnesota, the state gained a leader with a broad range of experiences and collaborative approaches.
It also gained a high school football coach at the top of the state’s food chain.
While Walz — who was sworn in as the state’s new governor Monday — spent recent years in the U.S. House of Representatives, his time in Minnesota began when he came from Nebraska, where he was the football coach at Alliance (Neb.) High School. In Minnesota, he served as the football coach and teacher at Mankato (Minn.) West High School. Within his first few seasons, Walz built up a program that would capture the school’s first state title.

He’s never lost sight of that experience, and though he remains a Cornhuskers fan, is proud to have incorporated part of his Nebraska roots into his time and life in Minnesota.
“We brought a lot of that Nebraska football here to Minnesota,” Walz told the Omaha World-Herald.
In fact, when asked for a story from his life that exemplifies his calling to serve, Walz told the Minneapolis Star Tribune about something he took on himself while coaching at Mankato West:
Tim Walz was an enlisted soldier in the Minnesota National Guard in 1999 and defensive coordinator of the Mankato West High School football team. A student at the school, where Walz taught geography, wanted to start a gay-straight alliance.
This was three years after the president, a Democrat, signed a law forbidding same-sex marriage. Soldiers suspected of being gay in Walz’s own unit could be discharged from the military. But Walz, now Minnesota’s Democratic candidate for governor, had seen the bullying some students endured and agreed to be the group’s faculty adviser.
“It really needed to be the football coach, who was the soldier and was straight and was married,” Walz said. In other words, he would be a symbol that disparate worlds could coexist peacefully.

Clearly, Walz was a coach who led for the sake of helping student-athletes. Now he’ll try to lead the state of Minnesota as a whole in the same way, something that should bring plenty of comfort for anyone who experienced Walz as a coach.

Kent. basketball coach under fire for abuse resigns

A Kentucky boys basketball coach who has been under fire since eight members of his team quit rather than play for him has finally resigned after his team fell to 2-14.
According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Floyd Central (Kent.) High School basketball coach Kevin Spurlock submitted a letter of resignation on Friday. While Spurlock’s resignation came of his own accord, as confirmed by Floyd County Superintendent Danny Adkins, it also came amidst extreme turmoil.
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As previously covered here and elsewhere, Spurlock served a three-game suspension for “conduct unbecoming of a coach,” following an investigation sparked by eight members of the team quitting en masse.
Without those players, Floyd Central has been unable to keep pace. As noted by the Herald-Leader, Spurlock’s team is just 2-14 in the 2018-19 campaign, and just 1-12 since his initial suspension Dec. 4. By comparison, Floyd Central finished 19-12 in the 2017-18 season.
According to the Herald-Leader, Floyd Central football and baseball coach Shawn Hager has been named the interim basketball coach for the remainder of the season. Meanwhile, Spurlock will allegedly remain in his other roles as a teacher and softball coach at the school.
“Coach Spurlock was not fired or forced to resign,” Adkins told the Herald-Leader. “This is on his own accord.”

VIDEO: No. 6 North Shore tops No. 5 Duncanville for state title with insane 45-yard Hail Mary on final play

The two teams were so well matched that the state title in Texas’ largest division literally came down to the final play. On this occasion, No. 6 Galena Park (Texas) North Shore had the ball, and No. 5 Duncanville (Texas) was left with the heartbreak.
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Trailing 36-35 with just three seconds remaining, North Shore found its Texas Class 6A state title hopes resting on a miracle, 45 yards from the end zone with just one snap to cover the ground. Mustangs sophomore quarterback Dematrius Davis dropped back, danced in the backfield to buy his teammates time, then heaved a monster pass to the right corner of the end zone. He had two receivers in the vicinity, with three Duncanville defenders between them.

WOW!! What an ending to the #UILState Championships!! North Shore 41 Duncanville 36 HAIL MARY!!
— Tim Dennis (@TDennisSportTog) December 23, 2018

As good a pass as it was, there are no logical circumstances under which the ball should have been caught. But this was no logical game. The game featured two epic collections of underclass talent — 31 Division I scholarship holders and growing — and generated even more attention after Duncanville eliminated state superpower (and previous USA TODAY SUPER 25 No. 1) Allen a week earlier.
On Saturday, Duncanville appeared poised to be the team to escape with the last-minute bragging rights, scoring to take a 36-35 victory with just 1:08 remaining. Given the fierce defense played by both sides, that appeared too little time for North Shore to mount a final rally … but it did. Davis connected with receivers to move down the field quickly, then let loose with his now already famous heave which landed in the hand of receiver A.J. Carter for the game-winning touchdown.
The loss cost Duncanville coach Reginald Samples his first-ever state title — he previously fell short in double overtime when leading Dallas Lincoln — and kept Duncanville from its first state crown in an even 30 years. Samples’ reaction alone was so priceless and painful that it immediately gave berth to a series of memes online.

Duncanville loses a heart breaker #FSSW #Texasfootball #Duncanville #UILSTATE Those poor kids
— Dustin Bortzfield (@DBortz918) December 23, 2018

And then there was the Duncanville sideline:

The @Duncanville_Fb sideline after that Hail Mary.
Tough to see. #UILonFOX
— FOX Sports Southwest (@FOXSportsSW) December 23, 2018

The loss was epic, but was so was the game. North Shore led 29-20 by halftime with a controlled passing attack, but Duncanville’s explosive offense kept pace just as its dominant defense got its footing back in the third quarter. That set the stage for Duncanville’s late comeback, and North Shore’s even later rally, capping the kind of play that makes any game an instant classic. This was certainly no exception.

Kent. HS football coach: New Louisville coaches not welcome here

The new coaching staff at Louisville wasted little time in upending the plans of a quartet of commits to former coach Bobby Petrino. Now there’s backlash from a coach of one athlete’s team.
As reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader, Franklin-Simpson (Kent.) High School head coach Doug Preston lashed out against the new Louisville coaching staff who rescinded an offer to Jack Randolph, an offensive lineman at Franklin-Simpson. As noted by our Gannett partners the Louisvlle Courier-Journal, Randolph was one of four players who have had their scholarships taken away by the staff of new Louisville coach Scott Satterfield.

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Preston responded on Twitter after another Kentucky recruit left the fold at Louisville:

What I hate to see is our kids getting their scholarships pulled with only days to go until signing!! These kids have set their futures around what UL promised! They showed loyalty to their commitment and now they get burned! Ridiculous and no class @UofLFootball
— Doug Preston (@coachadp) December 10, 2018

As noted by the Herald-Leader, Randolph remains scheduled to graduate early and was previously planning to enroll at Louisville for the spring semester. While has offers from at least five other schools, including Western Kentucky and Cincinnati, it’s uncertain if those scholarship offers remain on the table or whether those schools moved on to other targets after Randolph committed to Louisville.
Either way, the end result was that Randolph is suddenly scrambling, while Preston may be shutting off all access to Franklin-Simpson players to Satterfield and his staff.

Coach Satterfield shouldn’t bother sending anyone down here to recruit in the future! I can’t look my players in the eyes and tell them to trust anyone @UofLFootball any longer!
— Doug Preston (@coachadp) December 10, 2018

Undefeated La. basketball coach ousted despite 6-0 start

A New Orleans area boys basketball coach has been given his walking papers despite a blazing start to his team’s season.
As reported by the New Orleans Advocate, veteran basketball coach Rick Spring was pushed out of his position at Pearl River (La.) High School on Friday, hours before the team took to the court for an 83-51 victory against Pine (La.) High School.
The team opened 6-0 before the seventh victory came without Spring behind the bench, and improved to 8-0 with a 67-45 victory against Mt. Hermon (La.) High School.
Pearl River principal John Priola would confirm that Spring is no longer leading the program, but he refused to provide any additional justification for Spring’s sudden dismissal.
The enforced departure leaves Pearl River with plenty of question marks, with only assistant coach Dillon Smith providing any continuity for the program. Smith will continue in his role, but will not take over as the interim head coach. That will instead be filled by Pearl River athletic director Tony Jurich, per the Advocate.
One thing is certain: At 8-0, Jurich has given himself a tall order to keep up with.