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VIDEO: Check out Kings star De'Aaron Fox dunking in middle school

De’Aaron Fox is blazing fast. He has the quickness of a fox and a social media handle with a subtle nod to Dora the Explorer.
In other words, he’s a heck of a lot of fun. And here’s something about De’Aaron Fox that’s even more fun: De’Aaron Fox dunking in middle school.

De’Aaron Fox was dunking in MIDDLE SCHOOL @swipathefox (via Lorrainefox5/YT)
— Overtime (@overtime) December 5, 2018

Yes, De’Aaron Fox, a relatively diminutive (sure, he’s 6-foot-3, but this is the NBA, right?) point guard, was already throwing down dunks when he was in middle school.
Fox’s soaring to the rim speaks to the athleticism that would become the hallmark of his game. Also his tenacity, which was obvious on the steal itself.
The point? Sometimes NBA stars were NBA stars long before they were NBA stars, if you know what we mean. De’Aaron Fox has been that guy since just about forever. Or at least middle school.