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VIDEO: Chosen 25 PF Jaden McDaniels received the most egregious technical ever

Someone please explain to us how this can possibly constitute a violation worthy of a technical foul?
Sure, Jaden McDaniels is an elite high school basketball talent with exceptional “measureables”; he’s a 6-foot-11, 5-star recruit who is ranked in the top-10 of our Chosen 25 rankings. He has so much natural talent he can afford to not attend an elite private basketball-focused school in favor of his hometown, Federal Way (Wash.) High School.
There are numerous positive aspects to having superstar talent. But there’s at least one downside: The referees know which players have superstar talent, and they are all too happy to hold them to a very high standard.

They gave him a tech for THAT!? @Jmcdaniels7
— Overtime (@overtime) December 6, 2018

Apparently that includes when they dunk and hang on a rim, even if it’s just for a beat too long.
That’s precisely what landed McDaniels with a technical foul in the clip you see above. He certainly took it better than most would have. Then again, McDaniels knows he has a bright future ahead, wherever he chooses to pursue it.