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VIDEO: Help us ID this catch of the year contender

Once in a blue moon a play comes along that is so athletic, so remarkable it makes one wonder if it truly happened. This is that highlight, with an additional caveat: We can’t for the life of us identify who this is making the play.
HE SWITCHED HANDS ON THE CATCH— Overtime (@overtime) November 1, 2018
First off, the absurdity of the catch itself. Not only does the wide receiver in question elevate directly above a defensive back who was blanketing him in coverage, he has the presence of mind, dexterity — and balance! — to tip the ball from one hand to the other, then pull it in to secure a catch that should have simply fallen to the turf, or into the hands of a defender.
Is this the catch of the year? It might be. It’s certainly in the running. But it would also help to know who the heck the magician making the play actually is.
Got any ideas? Or clues? We’re all ears here, but we would certainly like to know more about this athlete’s story.