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Elite players humbled and motivated by becoming McDonald’s All Americans

<p><strong>School:</strong> Montverde Academy (Montverde, Fla.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Power Forward<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-8/210<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 16<br/><strong>College:</strong> Uncommitted</p><p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan, AP</em></p><p> </p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Point Guard<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> East<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-3/185<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 2<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Uncommitted</p>

<p><em>Photo: Bob Quinn/News-Press</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Center<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-10/230<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 18<br/><strong>College:</strong> North Carolina</p><p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan, AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> NSU University (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Center<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-10/275<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 3<br/><strong>College:</strong> Duke</p><p><em>Photo: Amanda Inscore/The News-Press</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Holy Spirit Prep (Atlanta, Ga.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Shooting Guard<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-4/205<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 5<br/><strong>College:</strong> Uncommitted</p><p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan, AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Center Grove (Greenwood, Ind.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Center<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-9/231<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 25<br/><strong>College:</strong> Indiana</p><p><em>Photo: Michelle Pemberton/Indystar</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Porter-Gaud (Charleston, S.C.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Point Guard<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-6/200<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 21<br/><strong>College:</strong> Tennessee</p><p><em>Photo: Jim Dedmon/USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Ranney School (Tinton Falls, N.J.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Small Forward<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-5/185<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 12<br/><strong>College:</strong> Florida</p><p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan/AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Federal Way (Wash.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Power Forward<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-10/185<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 6<br/><strong>College:</strong> Uncommitted</p><p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan/AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Cox Mill (Charlotte, N.C.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Small Forward<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-6/215<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 19<br/><strong>College:</strong> Duke</p><p><em>Photo: Jim Dedmon/USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> La Lumiere (La Porte, Ind.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Center<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-9/245<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 4<br/><strong>College:</strong> Washington</p><p><em>Photo: Doug McSchooler/IndyStar</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Mountain Brook (Ala.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Power Forward<br/><strong>Team:</strong> East<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-8/210<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 22<br/><strong>College:</strong> Uncommitted</p><p><em>Photo: Jason Vinlove/USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Ranney School (Trinton Falls, N.J.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Shooting Guard<br/><strong>Team:</strong> West<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-5/170<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 14<br/><strong>College:</strong> Villanova</p><p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan/AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)<br/><strong>Pos:</strong> Shooting Guard<br/><strong>Team:</strong> West<br/><strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-6/206<br/><strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 7<br/><strong>College:</strong> Arizona</p><p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan/AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> John Marshall (Rochester, Minn.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Power Forward<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-8/214<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 10<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Uncommitted</p>

<p><em>Photo: Logan Newman/USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> The Villages Charter (Fla.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Point Guard<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-4/185<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 32<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Florida</p>

<p><em>Photo: Amber Searls/USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Pinnacle (Phoenix, Ariz.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Point Guard<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-3/180<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 8<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Arizona</p>

<p><em>Photo: Darryl Webb/Arizona Republic</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> South Garland (Garland, Texas)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Shooting Guard<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-2/190<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 11<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Kentucky</p>

<p><em>Photo: Jon Lopez/Nike</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Rancho Christian (Temecula, Calif.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Power Forward<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-9/210<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 15<br />
<strong>College:</strong> USC</p>

<p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan/AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Power Forward<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-9/235<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 20<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Villanova</p>

<p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan/AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Kennedy Catholic (Hermitage, Pa.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Center<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-8/230<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 37<br />
<strong>College:</strong> West Virginia</p>

<p><em>Photo: Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Roselle (N.J.) Catholic<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Small Forward<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-7/200<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 9<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Kentucky</p>

<p><em>Photo: Gregory Payan/AP</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> Rockwall (Texas)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Small Forward<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 6-7/190<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 33<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Louisville</p>

<p><em>Photo: 247Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>School:</strong> East (Memphis, Tenn.)<br />
<strong>Pos:</strong> Center<br />
<strong>Team:</strong> West<br />
<strong>Ht/Wt:</strong> 7-0/230<br />
<strong>ESPN Ranking:</strong> 1<br />
<strong>College:</strong> Memphis</p>

<p><em>Photo: Andrew Jansen/News-Leader</em></p>

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Cole Anthony knows that this will sound cliché and contrived, but he’s never been the type of player that assumes his standing as No. 1 overall player in USA Today Sports’ Chosen 25 automatically affords him certain accolades.
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“I work for everything,” Anthony said. “I don’t even want anything given to me; that’s not how I’m built.”
That’s why the Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.) point guard was genuinely ecstatic on Thursday to learn that he was one of 24 players selected to play in this year’s McDonald’s All American Game, which will commence on March 27 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.
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“It’s such an honor,” Anthony said. “This was a dream of mine. It makes me feel like I’m one step closer to fulfilling my ultimate dream.”
Florida led the way with six All Americans, New Jersey had three and Indiana and Texas had two apiece.
Duke, Florida, Villanova, Arizona and Kentucky had the most recruits represented on the boys’ side with two apiece.
Twenty-one of the seniors in USA TODAY Sports’ Chosen 25 were picked for the game.
Six players remain undecided, including Anthony, who will lead the East.
He’ll be joined by Holy Spirit Prep (Atlanta) shooting guard Anthony Edwards, ranked No. 2 overall in the Chosen 25, La Lumiere School (La Porte, Ind.) forward Isaiah Stewart, a Washington commit who is ranked No. 3 overall in the Chosen 25, and University School (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) forward Vernon Carey Jr., a Duke commit who is ranked No. 4 overall in the Chosen 25.
The West is highlighted by Memphis (Tenn.) East High School center James Wiseman, a Memphis signee who is ranked No. 5 overall in the Chosen 25, Federal Way (Wash.) High School forward Jaden McDaniels, a forward who is ranked No. 6 overall in the Chosen 25, South Garland (Texas) High School guard Tyrese Maxey, a Kentucky signee who is ranked No. 7 overall in the Chosen 25, and IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.) shooting guard Josh Green, an Arizona signee who is ranked No. 8 overall in the Chosen 25.
Stewart vividly recalls watching Thomas Bryant, now a forward with the Washington Wizards, play in the 2015 All American Game with his father. Shortly thereafter, Stewart created an Instagram and posted a picture of the All American Game with a caption that read “goals.”
“Now here I am,” Stewart said. “It’s surreal. I’m taking this opportunity seriously because it’s a blessing. When I get there, I want to be in the moment and take it all in. It will be fun, but it’s gonna be a dogfight in the gym. It’s not just a vacation. Time to go to work.”
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PHOTOS: Super 25 Preseason Girls Basketball Rankings

USA TODAY High School Sports is revealing the 2018-19 Super 25 Preseason Girls Basketball Teams. The Super 25 has been a staple of USA TODAY for more than 30 years and highlights the best teams around the nation.
Each post contains analysis, key players and more from USA TODAY Sports’ Jason Jordan in consultation with the USA TODAY High School Sports staff.

<p><strong>Location: (San Jose, Calif.)</strong><br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 29-1<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>1<br />
The defending USA Today Super 25 champions are the preseason favorite to do it all over again largely because they’ve got the No. 1 high school girls basketball player in the country on the floor in Haley Jones. Jones does-it-all for the Monarchs and has capable help in fellow returning starters Ania McNicholas and Hunter Hernandez.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Matt Aguirre Photography</em></p>

<p><strong>Location:</strong> Middle Village, N.Y.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 29-1<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>7<br />
The Royals return their top six players, including Kaelynn Satterfield (16.7 points per game), an Ohio State commit, and Nina Rickards (15.2 ppg.), a Florida commit. That 1-2 punch is one of the most lethal in the country and complement nicely with Klarke Sconiers (9.7 ppg.), a Minnesota commit, Natalija Marshall (11.3 ppg.), a five-star junior, and Khadija Demry (4.5 ppg.).</p>

<p><em>Photo: Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Raleigh, N.C.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 30-1<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
The Bulldogs have been to the state championship game four of the last six seasons and come up short, but with four of the five starters returning from last year’s one-loss team this may be the year the Bulldogs get over the proverbial hump.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Tamia Davis</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Chattanooga, Tenn.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 26-3<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>11<br />
The Lady Hawks finished as runner-up in the GEICO Nationals last season and return a squad capable of making another run at the national title. Elite wing Treasure Hunt (pictured) (13.7 ppg., 3.3 rpg., 2.6 apg.), five-star forward Kamilla Cardosa (12.8 ppg., 8.8 rpg.) and Esmery Martinez (8.3 ppg., 8.7 rpg.) give the Lady Hawks, arguably, the most talented trio in the country.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Dennis Schneidler, USA TODAY Sports Images</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Washington, D.C.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 32-2<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>3<br />
The Cadets won their second straight D.C. State Athletic Association championship last season and are the early favorites to reel in No. 3. The Cadets are led by sophomore phenom Azzi Fudd, who some consider the best player in the country, regardless of class and anchored by elite forward Malu Tshitenge-Mutombo, a North Carolina commit.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Larry French/St. John's College HS</em></p>

<p> </p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Columbus, Ohio<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 27-3<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 Ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
The defending state champion Lady Nubians are led by five-star guard Jordan Horston (18.5 ppg., 7.5 rpg., 3.9 apg.), a Tennessee signee. The good news for Africentric is that she’s got help with the other four other starters – Nyam Thornton, Alexia Smith, Maliyah Johnson and Sakima Walker – back in the lineup this season. With that core, the Lady Nubians will be a tough out all season.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Nicc Jackson/Blue Star</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Los Angeles<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 27-3<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>9<br />
The Wildcats are the defending Open Division champions and return star point guard Charisma Osbourne, a UCLA signee who averaged 18.2 points and 7.3 rebounds last season. Osbourne and a talented supporting cast makes the Wildcats a legitimate contender nationally.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Joe Lester</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Forestville, Md.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 21-7<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
The Mustangs return a talented 1-2 punch in wing Jakia Brown-Turner, an N.C. State signee, and point guard Aliyah Matharu (18.3 ppg.), a Mississippi State signee. That duo coupled with a capable supporting cast will keep the Mustangs in contention all season.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Chris Thompkins Photography</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Baltimore<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 24-4<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
The Panthers boast one of the top juniors in the country in five-star wing Angel Reese, who pumped in 17.5 points and 14.2 rebounds a game last season. She’s not alone with talented players like Savawn Hughes, Madyson Hinton, Emaree Hinton, Aniya Gourdine, Anani Humphrey and Khalia Turner. The Panthers’ depth will be devastating for the opposition all season.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Brad Mills, USA TODAY Sports</em></p>

<p> </p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Converse, Texas<br />
<strong>Preseason Rank:</strong> 10<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 34-5<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
The Rockets didn’t quite get it done in the state championship game last season, but return four of its five starters, led by point guard Corina Carter (14.5 ppg.), a New Mexico signee, putting them in great position to be back. Scoring guard Kyra White, a USC signee, will add firepower for the Rockets and Kierra Sanderlin, Tiffany McGarity and Elisha Mackey will be key contributors.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Bradley Collier, VYPE Media</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Detroit<br />
<strong>Preseason Rank:</strong> 11<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 24-1<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
Edison Academy runs through the best player in the state. The Pioneers enter the season as reigning back-to-back Class C state champions on the back of senior wing Rickea Jackson, the No. 2 player at her position and the No. 9 prospect in the country, according to <a href="">ESPN</a>. She won the <a href="">Detroit Free Press</a>’ Girls Basketball Player of the Year and the Female Athlete of the Year awards last year. On Friday, Jackson committed to Mississippi State, a team that lost the national championship by three points last year.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Brandon Folsom/Special to Freep</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Arlington, Texas<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 40-3<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>25<br />
Timberview has retained most of its depth this offseason after winning the second of back-to-back state championships. Five Wolves graduated last year, but the only starter was Lauryn Thompson, who went to play at Virginia Commonwealth. The team returns strong contributors including guard Kennedy Wilson and forwards Destiny Jackson and N’Denasija Collins. The group remains one of the deeper teams in the country.</p>

<p><em>Photo: CL images/Madd Sports Photography</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Beaverton, Ore.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 40-3<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>25<br />
Last season, Southridge won its second consecutive state title even without Kaelin Immel, who graduated the year before, went to Air Force and won the 2017-18 Mountain West Freshman of the Year award.<a href=""> Oregon Live</a> asked three coaches if 2018 Southridge ranked with the all-time great Oregon teams, and they said that if they’re not near the top, they’re close. Southridge will look to carry the bulk of that team to another championship, albeit without last year’s captains Maggie Freeman and Natalie Hoff.</p>

<p><em>Photo: David Blair</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Las Vegas<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 29-3<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>8<br />
After four years in a row of winning a state title, Centennial and star Eboni Walker want to keep the streak going. The five-star wing, ranked No. 43 in the country and No. 9 at her position, averaged 12.5 points and 8.5 rebounds last season.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Eboni Walker</em></p>

<p> </p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Murfreesboro, Tenn.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 36-1<br />
<strong>Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>2<br />
Riverdale returns three-star senior Aislynn Hayes and four-star 2020 Alasia Hayes, her sister, who are situated to take a step forward from productive seasons. But outside the the two older Hayes – more on that in a moment – this year is going to look a lot different than the 2018 Riverdale team that simply dominated last season.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Helen Comer, DNJ</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Fort Smith, Ark.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 26-4<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
Perhaps the key to Northside’s season is the evolution of Jersey Wolfenbarger. As a freshman, she got an offer from <a href="">Arkansas</a>. In the Tournament of Champions semifinals, she scored the Bears’ <a href="">first 15 points</a>. If Wolfenbarger can turn into a bonafide star, Northside will have a clearer route to avenging last season’s semifinals loss. Northside has other solid contributors. In the state semifinals loss, Sara Bershers led the team with 11 points and 10 rebounds, but more notably, she got to the free throw line when no one else could. She attempted 10 from the stripe; only one other player took any, and that player graduated.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Glenn Gilley</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Santa Ana, Calif.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 23-6<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
If 6-foot-2 five-star guard Brooke Demetre was named to <a href="">MaxPreps’</a> All-California third team as a freshman, what strides can she make in year two? That’ll be the biggest plotline to watch as Mater Dei tries to improve upon its 23-6 season and fight for its spot amongst the best teams in California. Demetre, who averaged 15.5 points and 5.4 rebounds last year, will once again be a captain next to three-star Cal signee Cailyn Crocker, a senior.</p>

<p><em>Photo: PPPStar photography</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Holmdel, N.J.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 25-3<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
With four players committed to Division 1 programs, St. John Vianney will look to use its depth to get back to – and win — the championship game, which they have lost <a href="">two years in a row</a>. Brelynn Bellamy, who averaged 9.9 points per game and is a feared defender, according to <a href=""></a>, signed with William & Mary. Sajada Bonner, who signed with Quinnipiac, is a versatile score who averaged 12.8 points per game last year, according to Sarah Karpell, a point guard, averaged 7.8 points per game and signed with Fordham.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Peter Ackerman</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Brookville, N.Y.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 16-7<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
One of the biggest days of the season for LuHi has already happened. Three players signed <a href="">Letters of Intent</a> on Wednesday, Nov. 14. The trio will lead a Long Island team hoping to improve its record that doesn’t look as dominant as most other teams on the Super 25 due to the sheer <a href="">difficulty of schedule</a>. Tamia Lawhorne, who signed with George Mason, averaged 12.9 points last season, according to <a href="">Newsday</a>. Emma Glezen, who committed to Loyola-Maryland, is the No. 11 ranked player on the <a href="">Northeast Girls Recruiting</a> list.</p>

<p><em>Photo: LuHi Girls Basketball</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Canton, Ohio<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 15-2<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Unranked<br />
Five-star Kierstan Bell, the reigning Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year, is back with a letter of intent signed to Ohio State. According to <a href="">ESPNW</a>, Bell has been nicknamed “She-Bron” by some Ohio basketball fans, and based on the stats, it’s not hard to see what draws fans to her. She put up 33.4 points, 10 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.3 blocks and – while it’s hard to say this is more impressive than the points average, it’s in the same neighborhood of a ‘wow’ factor – 5.1 steals per game, ESPN reported.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Scott Heckel, Canton Repository</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Alpharetta, Ga.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 26-5<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Not Ranked<br />
The Lady Knights are only two seasons removed from a run to the Class A state title and a No. 13 finish in the 2015-16 Super 25, and this could be their best outfit since. They return four of their top five scorers from last year’s squad that reached the final four of the Class A tournament, including leading scorer Jordan Isaacs (pictured) (13.1 points) and junior Amirah Abdur-Rahim.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Darnell Kennedy</em></p>

<p> </p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Duncanville, Texas<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 39-2<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Not Ranked<br />
Last season’s loss to Plano (Texas) in a 6A regional semifinal was somewhat of an aberration for the Panthers, who won back-to-back state titles in 2015-16 finished in the Top 10 of the Super 25 three straight years from 2014-16, including a No. 1 finish in the 2015-16 season. The Panthers have been a consistent mainstay in the Lone Star State and beyond for much of this past decade, and we may be gearing up for another long run with their wealth of nationally-ranked underclassmen talent.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Deena Byrd, Sportraits by Deena</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Aurora, Colo.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 29-3<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Not Ranked<br />
If the Raiders aren’t the odds-on favorites in Colorado’s Class 5A, after coming up short in last season’s title game against cross-town rival Grandview, then they will at least be one of the nation’s most entertaining teams to watch. Senior forward and Stanford commit Francesca Belibi threw down the first dunk ever in a girls basketball game in Colorado nearly two years ago, and she’s been wowing crowds ever since.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Courtney Oakes, Sentinel Colorado</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Stanardsville, Va.<br />
<strong>Preseason Rank: </strong>24<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 24-4<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>Not Ranked<br />
Who’s ready for another transcendent winter of Samantha Brunelle? The 6-foot-2 Notre Dame signee is one of the nation’s most celebrated high school basketball players — and for good reason, after an explosive 2017-18 campaign of off-the-charts per-game averages (30 points, 15.6 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 3 blocks, 2.2 assists). After a surprise early exit in last season’s state quarterfinals, the reigning Gatorade Player of the Year and preseason Naismith Award favorite has one thing on her mind before she heads to South Bend – a state championship.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Brian Mellott</em></p>

<p><strong>Location: </strong>Los Altos, Calif.<br />
<strong>2017-18 record</strong>: 27-3<br />
<strong>Final 17-18 Super 25 ranking: </strong>24<br />
The Panthers will be one of the Bay Area’s toughest outs once again in 2018-19, after a run last winter that took them all the way to the CIF Open Division Final. To get back there, Pinewood will ride one of the nation’s best pure shooters, the fittingly-named Hannah Jump. The 5-foot-11 Stanford commit, ranked No. 50 in the Class of 2019 by ESPN HoopGurlz, connected on 45 percent of her three-point attempts last season (102 of 228), and shot nearly 50 percent from the field overall.</p>

<p><em>Photo: Doc Scheppler</em></p>

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Meet the 2018-19 Super 25 Preseason Boys Basketball Teams

USA TODAY High School Sports is revealing the 2018-19 Super 25 Preseason Boys Basketball Teams. The Super 25 has been a staple of USA TODAY for more than 30 years and highlights the best teams around the nation.
This year’s preseason top 25 teams will be released in groups between Noon-8 p.m. ET.
*All times eastern
Teams 21-25: Noon
Teams 16-20: 1 p.m.
Teams 11-15: 2 p.m.
Teams 6-10: 3 p.m.
Teams 1-5: 4-6 p.m. (one every 30 min.)
Each post contains analysis, key players and more from USA TODAY Sports’ Jason Jordan is consultation with the USA TODAY High School Sports staff.
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Greensboro (N.C.) Day’s Carson McCorkle (Photo: AltaSky, Carlos Morales)
Location: Greensboro, N.C.
Preseason Rank: 25
2017-18 record: 27-7
Final 2017-18 Super 25 ranking: Not Ranked
The Bengals are the two-time defending NCISAA 3A champs coming into this season, and are a hard favorite for a third straight title in the brand-new 4A division after loading up on some reinforcements this offseason. With plenty of firepower, Greensboro will look to return to GEICO Nationals for the second time in three seasons as well.
In sophomore Carson McCorkle, a Virginia commit regarded as one of the 2021 class’s top shooting guards, they have a long-term foundation to build around. In senior Austin Inge, a tenacious defender with a sprinkling of local D1 offers, Greensboro has a hard-nosed leader that can put the game away late. The addition of 6-foot-8 sophomore Josh Taylor, a transfer from Columbia (Ga.) with a slew of high-major interest, should bolster a frontcourt led by 6-foot-9 James Madison commit Mike Fowler, a stretch-four who poses an interesting matchup issue at both ends of the floor.
Two other transfers should make defending spacing on the floor difficult for opponents. Junior Christian Bailey, a 6-foot-5 wing, scored 1,000 points in just two seasons at Statesville (N.C.) Christian, including a 2017-18 campaign in which he shot 59 percent from the floor. Meanwhile 6-foot-3 sophomore Cam Hayes is coming off a 17-18 campaign at cross-town Smith High School in which he shot 40 percent from three-point range. Hayes had a breakout summer running with Team CP3 on the Nike EYBL and will play a major role for the Bengals this season.
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