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Tennessee HS basketball honors teammate's slain brother with pregame shirts

Not a day goes by that Kyron Stocking doesn’t think about his older brother.
On Jan. 6, 2018, Kentavious Wilson, a member of the 2015 Haywood (Brownsville, Tenn.) team that won a state title, was sitting with two others in a car late at night when an unknown individual opened fire. While the two others walked away uninjured, Wilson died at age 19.
The case is still open.
“When I found out that Kentavious had been shot, I was convinced that it was an accident,” Stocking said. “I thought that they were playing and something happened that just wasn’t supposed to have happened.
“It was always just me and him. Wherever he went, I went. Now I don’t have him there, so a lot’s changed in just a year.”
On Saturday, almost a year to the day later, Stocking was out on the court warming up for a game against South Side. And his brother was right there with him.

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During warm-ups, Stocking and his teammates all wore the same purple shirtt with Wilson’s portrait on it three times alongside a pair of dice.
In the stands, Stocking’s mother, Kemmeka Currie, watched as her youngest son and his teammates completed the 51-50 win over South Side. She wore the same custom-made purple shirt that Stocking and the rest of the Haywood players were wearing during warm-ups. Haywood fans, family and friends also wore that same shirt to honor Wilson.
“Getting the win is nice, but tonight really wasn’t about all for us,” Currie said. “Tonight was more about all of the love I saw from everyone in the building for my son.”
Read the rest of the story at the Jackson Sun.

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