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VIDEO: Xavier signee KyKy Tandy threw down a full-on fast break Eastbay dunk during a game

We try not to overwhelm this space with amazing dunks, but sometimes there is an in-game jam that is so impressive it’s impossible not to highlight. Dekeyvan “KyKy” Tandy’s most recent effort absolutely fits that description.

Break out the fastbreak EASTBAY @TandyDekeyvan
— Overtime (@overtime) December 2, 2018

Tandy threw down a full Eastbay dunk on a fastbreak during a game against Doss High School (Louisville). That’s the kind of dunk that a player might pull out in a dunk contest, not during a game.
And it’s worth keeping in mind, Tandy is just 6-foot-1. Wow.
That athleticism highlights what made Tandy such a highly sought after recruit before he pledged his future to Xavier. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess, but given his talent, it’s likely up in one direction or the other.