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VIDEO: LeBron James' younger son Bryce impresses at Crossroads School

LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. has been a known entity on the youth basketball circuit for multiple years now. A skilled ball handler with exceptional court vision and an ever-improving shot and athleticism, Bronny James already looks like a serious recruit, and has received attention accordingly.
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LeBron’s younger son, on the other hand, has to this point been more of a mystery. Yes, we caught a glimpse of Bryce Maximus James connecting on a deep trey during a December game, but that’s largely been it since the start of his age 11 campaign.
Now we’ve got more video and … it’s impressive.
Here’s some of Bryce’s highlights from a recent game for his Crossroads School team released by his Dad and promoted by Overtime:

Bryce Maximus is looking NICE (via @KingJames)
— Overtime (@overtime) January 24, 2019

A few quick thoughts:
— That up and under lay-in in traffic is something. Pretty, pretty bucket for anyone, let alone an 11-year-old.
— Speaking of traffic, Bryce clearly isn’t afraid of it. He was scything his way through the defense and into the lane pretty much at will. If that looks familiar, well, look no farther than Bryce’s dear old dad.
— Like both his father and older brother, Bryce has exceptional start-stop change of pace in the open floor. This isn’t a long enough clip to determine whether he has the sudden acceleration of either of the other male James’es, but the ability to create the contrast is there and natural.
Keep in mind, Bryce is still 11. He’s eleven! Both his ball handling and general athleticism are pretty exceptional for his age. The more we get to see of him, the more impressive a player he appears to be. That should be a scary thought for any of the school’s who have to face Crossroads in the years ahead.