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Lawsuit: Ill. coach told players to 'unleash their inner rapist' during pregame pep talks

Amidst the investigation into the alleged hazing of an incoming freshman football player at the Reed-Custer High School’s (Braidwood, Ill.) summer football camp, new disturbing allegations have been raised about now-former head coach Mark Wolf.
According to a lawsuit filed by former Reed-Custer student Anthony Brookman, now a sophomore at a different school and the alleged victim of disturbing incidents of hazing at the camp, Wolf typically encouraged disturbing violence in pregame pep talks.

According to Chicago CBS affiliate WBBM, those sentiments included the following:
Wolf, according to today’s lawsuit, encouraged players during pre-game pep-talks to “unleash their inner rapist” or “rip off” the genitalia of the opposing team.
Just think about that for a moment: If true, a high school head football coach was actively inciting rape as a means of ideal behavior for his players just before they took the field. Sure, a coach always needs to motivate his players, but there’s never any place for speaking of rape in any positive light, regardless of the intention.
As one might expect, Wolf refused to address the allegations against him, all of which amounted to a culture of hazing, per Brookman’s lawsuit. That includes the pregame pep talks, particularly any citing a player’s “inner rapist.”