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Conn. high school football coach ousted after profanity-filled secret recording

A Connecticut assistant football coach has been ousted following the release of a profanity-laced rant aimed at players when the coach was on the staff at a different school.
As reported by New Haven-based news network WTNH, Guilford (Conn.) High School assistant football coach Nick D’Angelo was fired from his post after a secretly recorded tape of an explicit rant at one of his previous teams was sent to Guilford Superintendent Paul Freeman, who acted quickly to remove D’Angelo from his coaching role at the school.
“While it appears the incident on the recording did not occur during this past season or with Guilford athletes, the coach who has been associated with that recording will not be working for Guilford schools in the future.”
D’Angelo confirmed to WTNH that he was the coach on the recording, but stopped short of saying that it would keep him out of coaching in the future.