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Robert Bobroczky, 7-foot-7 teammate of LaMelo Ball, calls 7-foot NBA star Kristaps Porzingis 'short'

Robert Bobroczky is one of the most fascinating characters in American sports. A 7-foot-7 beanpole and Aspire Academy student, he can practically dunk without leaving the ground. He can reject any shot near the rim. And, if he’s sturdy enough to continue competing at the collegiate level, he’ll prove that he can overcome the weaknesses of his biggest strength; the frailty of his 7-foot-7 frame makes it difficult to see how he can put on enough muscle mass to withstand the pounding he will take as an NCAA or NBA center.

Yet, the best part about Bobroczky may be the sense of humor the Polish native flexes as he goes through every day life. In one of his first interviews for a news outlet, Bobroczky demonstrated how he could fold himself into a compact rental car. Now, while interviewed during a workout, Bobroczky told @overtime that when he and Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis first met they were both 7-foot-1.
Since then Bobroczky has grown seven inches while Porzingis remains 7-foot-1. The result? “He’s pretty short now.”
Obviously, that’s a completely ridiculous thing for anyone to say about a 7-foot-1 human being. Yet it’s also true, coming from Bobroczky. And it’s funny! Genuinely funny.
None of this means that Bobroczky is going to “make it” at the next level. None of this means he’ll play in the NBA. What it means is that the tallest basketball player in history won’t just disappear off the face of the earth if he can’t bulk up to make the leap to the higher level. He’s too clever for that.
After all, it would be pretty hard for a 7-foot-7 human being to disappear anywhere.