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Former principal at The Nation Christian Academy resigned in July because of CEO Mike Woodbury

John Adams, former principal at The Nation Christian Academy in Port St. Lucie, resigned in July because he didn’t feel CEO Mike Woodbury reflected the Christian values the school was founded on.
“My life is based on deeply rooted Christian values that I have,” said Adams, who now teaches at Community Christian Academy in Stuart. “I chose Christian education because of my deeply held values. My Christian faith is important for me. I realized I could no longer work with an administrator who did not share those same values, and that’s why I resigned.”

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A profanity-laced audio recording of a private conversation between Woodbury, who also is the school’s basketball director, and a group of student athletes at his home on Oct. 17 was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week and has gone viral.
Adams began working at The Nation Christian Academy in 2015 when it was Barnabas Christian Academy; 2017-18 was his lone year as principal and also the year Woodbury was hired as the school’s basketball coach.
Adams said he had witnessed Woodbury yell at students, but never heard him direct profanities at students the way he did in the recording.
Before Woodbury arrived, Adams said the school’s basketball team practiced on a portable hoop in the parking lot. Woodbury offered Barnabus students use of his basketball facility in St. Lucie West, and Adams felt it would be a good fit.
Adams said he “rarely” attended the school’s board meetings and was unclear of the details of how Woodbury became the school’s CEO. Former board chairman Scott Bartal declined to comment Thursday.
Adams said Woodbury asked him to return as principal for the 2018-19 school year, but he opted to resign instead.

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Rebecca Williams, who moved her Wholehearted Fine Arts program into The Nation Christian Academy’s facility in August before leaving in October, said she heard Woodbury using profanities in his office at the school but was unsure who he was speaking to.
“I heard him cursing at other people,” Williams said. “Not at me, specifically. It was similar to what was heard on the video. It didn’t belong in any setting, especially not a Christian school.”
After spending 15 years as a teacher, Williams was surprised by what she experienced at The Nation Christian Academy, including not having a background check run for her or her three staff members.
“There were children running wild,” she said. “No maintenance, garbage cans overflowing constantly –  including with diapers because they have a special needs program. It was a hot mess.”

Former athletes not surprised by Nation Christian (Fla.) CEO Mike Woodbury's tirade

Mike Woodbury, the CEO of The Nation Basketball Academy (Port St. Lucie, Fla.), is under fire after audio footage leaked of him verbally berating a player for transferring.
Woodbury’s profanity-laced words to departing senior Marvens Petion, who has since transferred to nationally ranked West Oaks Academy (Orlando, Fla.), were posted to YouTube this week.
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Woodbury’s tirade has drawn the ire of many in the sports world. On Thursday afternoon, Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell tweeted out his disapproval.

This is terrible! He should be fired and not be allowed to coach again! How are you gonna tell a kid that you control his future because he wants to transfer! Some people abuse their power over young athletes and it is sad! Make sure everyone knows his name too MIKE WOODBURY!
— Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) November 1, 2018

Before Woodbury moved to Florida, he coached youth teams for nearly two decades in his home state of Maine. As the Portland Press Herald reports, athletes who played on his club teams described similar mistreatment from Woodbury.
“I knew this day would come,” Emily Rousseau, 29, said of Woodbury to the Press Herald. “I honestly just thought it would come years ago.”
Rousseau, who played at Biddeford (Maine) High School followed by the University of Maine and Stonehill College (Mass.), was on Woodbury’s Maine Elite team in the spring of her sophomore year of high school, per the Press Herald.
“He several times referred to us as sperm banks. Yep, when we were 15,” she said. “If he wanted us to go into a game he would pull our ponytail and drag us to the scorer’s table. We had an African-American girl on our team and he said if she didn’t start playing better there would be a hate crime.”
Former Thornton Academy (Saco, Maine) and Bentley University (Mass.) player Andrew Shaw told the Press Herald that the use of foul language was common in his four years playing for Woodbury’s club hoops teams.
“I wish I would have had the gumption to record some of the stuff he said to me and my teammates,” Shaw said. “The F-word is probably every third word out his mouth. Some of what’s in (the recording) is mild compared to what he used to do.”
Shaw shared a story with the Press Herald of the time Woodbury told a 16-year-old player he should jump off the Piscataqua River Bridge because he had played poorly at a tournament in Mass.

A former #Maine basketball coach was caught on audio cursing out & threatening a student at his own school in Florida, and some of his former players say they aren't surprised.
— Portland Press Herald (@PressHerald) October 31, 2018

“He certainly scarred me, and I know he scarred some of my teammates far worse than me,” Shaw said. “In some ways I used him as a means to an end to get a full scholarship. I did that, but I don’t love basketball anymore or enjoy what happened to me.”
Per the Press Herald, the audio has led one former Maine athlete to decide to leave The Nation Christian Academy. Former George Stevens Academy (Blue Hill, Maine) basketball standout Taylor Schildroth was on Nation Christian’s post-graduate roster, but Wednesday he announced on Twitter his intent to leave the school.

Time to bounce back
— Taylor Schildroth (@taylorrS15) October 31, 2018

Per the Press Herald, Woodbury was owner and operator of MB Nation, a club basketball team based in southern Maine that formed in 2008. Prior to that, he ran other club basketball programs, coaching a Maine basketball team in 2011 that won a national AAU boys’ Division I 12th-grade championship.