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Navigo Day Pass

A Navigo Day Pass for Paris that covers Paris airports, central Paris, greater Paris area (Versailles, etc.) is finally available to buy.
Navigo Day Pass
Navigo Day Pass – Where to Buy

You can buy a Navigo Day Pass at any Paris Metro, RER or Transilien ticket office throughout Paris, CDG/ORY Airports and any of Paris’ major train stations

Buy at CDG Airport Train stations
at Orly Airport bus station
at Paris Train stations: Gare du Nord, Gare de Lyon, Gare Montparnasse, etc.
at any Paris Metro station ticket window
at any Paris RER station ticket window
at any Transilien train station ticket window

Navigo Day Pass – Price
Navigo Day Pass Prices range from 7.50€ to 17.80€ depending on Paris fare zones of coverage you buy for the day pass.
Day Pass Prices by zones

All 1-5 zones Navigo Day Pass: 17.80€

CDG Airport to central Paris by RER train & bus
Orly Airport to central Paris by Orlybus, Tram 7
Disneyland Paris by RER train
Chateau Versailles by RER/Transilien trains
Fontainebleau by Transilien trains
any place within Paris Zone 5

Does not cover

Orly Airport by Orlyval train

1-2 zone Navigo Day Pass: 7.50€

Central Paris
all major intercity / international Paris train stations

Gare du Nord
Gare de Lyon
Gare Saint Lazare
Gare Montparnasse
Gare de l’Est
Gare d’Austerlitz
Gare de Bercy

1-3 zone day pass: 10€
Covers all of central Paris plus:

La Defense
Chateau de Vincennes
Boulogne Forest

1-4 zone day pass: 12.40€
Covers all of the above plus:

Palace of Versailles

How to Buy Navigo Day Pass
To buy a Navigo Day Pass you purchase a blank Navigo Decouverte card for 5€ and load a day pass onto the card choosing 2 options a) zone coverage b) day when you want to use the day pass:

How many zones of coverage desired for the day pass from 1-2 (single zone) or 1-5 (all Paris fare zones). Other Navigo zone coverage options are available such as 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, etc.

If you’ve arrived at Paris CDG Airport and want to travel to central Paris, you would buy at 1-5 zone day pass for the same day
If you’ve arrived in central Paris by train and wish to travel only within central Paris for the day, you would purchase a 1-2 zone day pass

What day you wish to use the day pass

Navigo Day Pass can be purchased & used immediately on the same day, or you can buy the day pass for use on a future day, up to six days in advance.
You must specify which day you want your day pass active at the time of purchase.
For example, if you arrive on Friday you can purchase Navigo Day Pass on Friday, but for use on Thursday the following week. Or you can buy and use Navigo Day Pass on the same day.  Choice is up to you.
You can only have one Navigo Day Pass on your Navigo card at any time.  You cannot load two days of Navigo Day Pass on the same Navigo card.  If you wanted two days of day passes, you would have to purchase one day pass, use it, then return to any Metro/RER/Transilien ticket window or Paris Metro/RER ticket machine and load/buy another day pass for your Navigo card when there is not active day pass loaded onto your Navigo card

How Navigo Day Pass Works
After purchasing a Navigo physical contactless smart card, loaded with an active Navigo Day Pass (from any Paris Metro/RER/Transilien ticket window) you approach the fare gates which are either turnstiles with rotating bars, or gates which part in the middle and retract sideways to allow you to pass through.  There will be a purple circular zone on the right-hand side of the fare gate, usually on the top or angled surface facing towards you which is where you tap/hold your day pass on for verification/validation of an active Day Pass on your Navigo card.  Once this validation has completed, the fare gate will unlock / open for you to pass through towards the train platforms.
Photo credit: Greenski
Upon arriving at your destination station you may need to use the Navigo Day Pass again, presenting the card at the purple reader zone on the fare gate in order to unlock the gate to pass through and exit the fare-paid zone.  Some exits of stations don’t need validation of the Navigo card for exit and are simply pressure sensitive or light activated gates which allow you to pass through when present.
Why use Navigo Day Pass

Same price as Ticket Mobilis (not considering the price of the physical Navigo card itself, which is 5€)
Cheaper than comparable Paris Visite 1-day multi-use tickets (aimed at tourists)
Less easy to lose than a paper ticket
Convenience of multi-use smart card, you can load both a Navigo Week Pass and a Navigo Day Pass on the same card and use them one after another
re-chargeable / re-usable
lasts 10 years

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Paris Metro Pass

Paris Metro Pass Overview
To buy a Paris Metro Pass good for Paris Metro, Trains, Buses, and Trams one would buy either a Navigo Découverte Pass or a Paris Visite Pass.
Which Paris Metro Pass you choose depends on what day of the week you arrive in Paris and how far outside of central Paris you want to travel on Paris Public Transportation.
Navigo Découverte

Available as:

Navigo Day Pass

Buy + use any day of week, valid from 00:00 to 23:59 (till end of service for Night Buses, around 04:30)
7.50€ for central Paris only (zones 1-2) + 5€ Navigo card fee (see zone map)
17.80€ all zones + 5€ Navigo card fee

all zones including CDG Airport / Orly / Disney / Versailles, Fontainebleau (except OrlyVal train)

Navigo Week Pass

Monday-Sunday, midnight to midnight
covers all zones including CDG Airport, Orly Airport, Disneyland Paris, Versailles, Fontainebleau, etc. (except OrlyVal train)
Navigo Prices for week pass 22.80€ + 5€ one-time fee for Navigo card

Paris Visite Pass
Paris Visite Pass 5-day 3-zone

Paris Visite Duration, Zones and Prices:

1, 2, 3, 5 day pass available for Paris Visite Pass

starts any day of the week

1-3 zone (Central Paris + La Défense, see zone map)
1-5 zone (CDG/ORY airports, Versailles, Disneyland, etc.)
Paris Visite Prices range from:

for 1 day 1-3 zone
for 5 day 1-5 zone
children prices (4-9 years, 3 & under free) are discounted ~50%
for 1 day 1-3 zone
for 5 day 1-5 zone

Includes discounts to a handful of tourist attractions around Paris

Which Paris Metro Pass to choose?
Two big factors in which Paris Metro Pass to choose are:

The day of week you arrive in Paris
How many days you will stay in Paris
To a lesser extent: which Paris airport you arrive at

How many days you stay in Paris and the day of week you arrive in Paris are the two biggest factors in choosing a Paris Metro Pass to buy.
If you arrive between Monday and Thursday, Navigo Découverte is always the best choice if you plan on staying more than 1 day in Paris.
Navigo, as a week pass, is only on sale for the current week up until Thursday midnight.  After Thursday midnight, all Navigo week pass sales (made from Friday 00:00 till Sunday 23:59) are only valid for travel for the following week starting Monday 00:01.  Example: if you purchase Navigo on Friday at noon, you cannot use the Navigo week pass until Monday morning.
One can buy Navigo Day Pass any day of the week and use Navigo Day Pass  immediately until 23:59 that same day (or until end of Night Bus service if you’re using night buses, ending around 04:30 in the morning).
You cannot have more than one day of Navigo Day Pass on your Navigo card.  If you need Navigo Day Pass for two days, you need to buy Navigo Day Pass again the following day if you want another day of Navigo pass usage.
Navigo Day Pass is valid on RER B trains from CDG Airport to Paris city center and from Paris city center to CDG Airport on RER B.
Navigo Day Pass is valid for Orly Airport to Paris on the Orlybus or Tram 7 (from Villejuif – Louis Aragon station terminus of Metro line 7)
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