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'Blaze The Great,' age 7, looks like he has super speed on the track

Do you remember that part at the end of The Incredibles (and at the beginning of The Incredibles 2) where the Parrs finally let their son, Dash, race for his school team?
For years, they hadn’t allowed him to run because his superhuman speed would have given him an unfair advantage. But after saving Metroville, they finally gave in.
Well there’s a young runner from Tampa Bay, Fla. who looks like a real-life version of Dash — if his parents forgot to tell him to “make it close” and “go for second.”
Watch 7-year-old Blaze run a pair of races and thoroughly dominate his … well, “competition” isn’t the right word.

If you think he is fast now, just wait until he gets into high school
(Via blaze_813 / Instagram)
— MaxPreps (@MaxPreps) February 10, 2019
In the video above, Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram ran an 8.69-second 60-meter dash and a 13.48-second 100-meter.
Look at that form. He’s the only runner with a proper stance prior to the start. He doesn’t teeter around awkwardly off the line.
The 2019 season is underway for Blaze, a 7-year-old who’s probably faster than you.

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If that 100m time is accurate, it would break the current U-8 record of 13.69 listed on USA Track & Field.
Blaze is only 3.39 seconds behind the 17-18 men’s record listed on the site, and he still has 10 years to train and beat it.
With speed and coordination like that, it’s unsurprising to hear he’s also a good football player who has gained the attention of LeBron James.