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2019 Shred Days

Educators Credit Union’s Shred Days are returning for 2019! Here you can find a list of the locations, times, and dates our Shred Days will take place this spring and summer.
Please remember:

There is a maximum of 5 boxes and 100 pounds of paper per car. We will only accept paper. All boxes, plastic bags or other materials will be returned to you after the paper is collected.
You should check over the documents you are going to shred to make sure you aren’t getting rid of anything of importance. For example: a birth certificate, social security card, marriage license, etc.
Remain in your vehicle at all times. We will remove your shred boxes and bags for you.
The actual length of the Shred Day could change if the truck fills or there is inclement weather.



Gateway Technical College Racine Campus (1001 S. Main Street)
9 a.m. to noon

Elkhorn Block Party (611 E. Geneva Street)
9 a.m. to noon

UW-Waukesha (1500 N. University Drive)
9 a.m. to noon

Washington County Government Center (432 E. Washington Street, West Bend)
9 a.m. to noon

Gateway Technical College Kenosha Campus (3520 30th Avenue)
9 a.m. to noon

Brown Deer High School (8060 N. 60th Street)
9 a.m. to noon

Miller Park (1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee)
9 a.m. to noon

Malone Park (16400 W. Al Stigler Parkway, New Berlin)
9 a.m. to noon

Gateway Technical College Racine Campus (1001 S. Main Street)
9 a.m. to noon

Educators Janesville Branch (2652 N. Lexington Drive)
9 a.m. to noon

For a list of our branch locations, please check out our branch locations page here!
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The 2019 Preferred Dealer Network Sale

Educators Credit Union is helping members save during the annual Preferred Dealer Network Sale1. This spring, get special pricing on new and used vehicles from the over 100 dealers in our Preferred Dealer Network.
Specials include:

Prices up to 5% below dealer invoice pricing.
Discounts you can combine with manufacturer rebates and incentives.
The chance to win a $1,000 gas card when you purchase or lease a vehicle you find through the Preferred Dealer Network during the sale with Educators Credit Union2.

The Preferred Dealer Network sale ends on April 30. Our Auto & Lease3 team can help you find your next vehicle. Call them at 262.884.6675 or email everythinga[email protected] to get started.
1Some models may not be available or are excluded. Invoice price does not reflect actual dealer cost. Dealer discounts are subject to change.
2Financing up to 105% of the approx. retail value. Loan rate is dependent on credit score. Qualify for the lowest rate with a credit score of 740 or above. Rates are subject to change.
3Educators Auto & Lease is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned wholly by Educators Credit Union, but is a separate business from the credit union.
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How to Ride Paris Metro

Details on how to physically use the Paris Metro such as opening Paris Metro train doors, etiquette on Paris Metro seating, exiting train when arriving at your Metro stop, etc.
How to Ride Paris Metro
Metro train cars come in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes. Some Paris Metro trains are completely automated, without a driver/conductor, with automatically opening doors and in some stations, gates on the train station platform which close and open in sync with the Metro train car doors.
Photo daveknapik

Nearly all Paris Metro train cars require a rider to use a lever or a button to manually open the train car door. If you are the person nearest the Paris Metro car door when the train arrives and there are no passengers exiting, who will open the door as they need to exit before you can enter, you will be expected to open the train car door. This is done through either a lever or a button on the door itself near the center of the two sliding doors of a Metro car. Metro Line 14 is a notable exception being completely automated and driver-less.
To operate the lever, take hold of the handle that points toward you and rotate the lever upwards to unlatch the train car door. The doors will then slide apart (they are assisted by springs/air pressure) to allow you to enter. On occasion the Metro car doors can be sticky and do not slide open fully to let you enter. In this case a firm pull to the side with your hand on the door itself in the direction it was attempting to travel, will usually suffice to open the train car door the rest of the way.
Photo otherthings

Fold-down seats are available just inside Metro train car doors (called strapontins), but these seats should only be used when there is sufficient space for travelers to easily enter and exit the train car. This means you shouldn’t use these seats during rush hours as generally the Paris Metro will be too busy to use these seats. Instead, stand where the fold-down seats would otherwise be. Rush hour travel on the Paris Metro is a chance to exercise your “personal space” limits. Don’t be surprised if you end up completely pressed up against other passengers. It’s normal and commonplace, happening every rush hour… it’s simply a slice of commuter life in Paris.
During busy hours on the Paris Metro, passengers are expected to move towards the center of the train car in order to make more space for passengers wanting to board the train car. There will be Metro passengers standing in the aisles of the train car holding on to the many hand holds placed at the tops of seatbacks, to vertical poles throughout the train car and poles attached along the ceilings of the train car, some with straps, some without.
If you find yourself in the middle of the train car with your stop nearing, try to move closer to the doors during the arrival at the station before your desired stop. This puts you in a better position to exit the train when your Metro stop arrives. At each Paris Metro stop there will be an exchange of passengers getting off the train car and entering the car. When arriving at the station before your desired stop, join the group of passengers moving toward the exit, but stop short of the doors to allow other passengers to pass you to exit (and to enter). You want to be close to the doors for your exit, but not right in front as you would block those who need to exit/enter at this stop. Don’t worry about not being able to descend the train when your stop arrives. Simply say “Excusez-moi” and people will immediately begin making room for you to alight, even if it requires that they descend the train also, just to let you off. Parisiens are very well versed in Metro manners and if you’ve read up to this point… you are now as well.
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Exiting a Paris Metro train car
After having arrived at your desired station you can make your way out of the station by following the blue “Sortie” signs. These signs will often be mixed with directional signs for various Metro lines shared by a station. This photo shows the multitude of exits and lines available for both the Metro and the RER at the world’s largest underground station: Chatelet Les Halles.
Each exit is usually referred to by the street or landmark upon which it exits.

Photo carboncopyrocks!

To determine which exit is best for you refer to an exit map located within the Metro station, usually just after exiting the fare paid zone.
To exit the fare paid zone within stations you’ll either pass through exit turnstiles (look for green lights on the face of the turnstiles or for open gates) or through doors opened by pressure plates or infrared sensors.(Pressure activated doors are visible on the left hand side of the photo below.)
Frequently Asked Questions
Paris Metro vs. RER – What’s the difference?
The Metro is a classic subway system: mostly underground, many stops, frequent service, short line distances, serving the urban city centre, non-scheduled train timings. The RER (Réseau Express Régional) is a commuter train system that covers much of the greater metropolitan area of Paris (Ile-de-France ), much further out than that covered by the Metro, including specifically both Paris Airports: Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris-Orly (ORY) , Disneyland® Paris, and Chateau Versailles. The confusing part is that the RER traverses central Paris with a handful of stations, acting like an express Metro system with fewer stops, larger trains and faster movement. Paris fare zones apply to the RER train system, unlike the Metro and there are six of them. Using a Metro ticket, the Ticket t+, is permitted on the RER, but only to the limits of Zone 1, the true center of Paris, bordered by the ring road surrounding it, the Boulevard Periphérique.
Have a question? Ask here and I’ll answer it. Commonly asked questions will be reposted here.
Further Reading
History, facts and figures of the Paris Metro (wikipedia, en français )
Paris Regional Transport Authority, RATP (partial site available in in English )
Photos of the Paris Metro system (wikipedia commons)
Guides on Paris Airport trains, Paris Disneyland train and Paris train stations
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Parker Community Credit Union Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

On April 30, 2019, Educators Credit Union will stop processing all direct deposits and automatic payments that use Parker Community Credit Union account and routing numbers.
You currently have one or more merchants processing automatic payments/deposits through your PCCU account and routing number. We have attempted to contact and change the account information on your behalf, but these vendors require that you update this information. A letter was mailed to you with the vendors that have the incorrect account information.
Please update your account and routing number with the person or organization sending the automatic withdrawal or deposit as soon as possible. You can request a direct deposit specification form or request assistance with this process through Live Chat in Online Banking, by phone at 262.886.5900 or at any Educators branch.
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ALERT: Phishing Email Being Sent to Educators Credit Union Members

Some Educators Credit Union members are receiving the following suspicious email pretending to be from the credit union. This is a phishing attempt and is not from Educators.

Educators Credit Union will never send you an email asking for your sensitive information. When Educators needs you to update information on your account, we will send a secure message within Online Banking.
The credit union is working hard to stop this email from going out and to protect members from this scam. If you or someone you know received this email, you should contact Educators Credit Union immediately at 262.886.5900.
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February 2019 Member Focus

Check out the latest version of the Member Focus! This month we introduce members to the new Member Loyalty Reward, celebrate the Saver’s Sweepstakes winners and talk about saving on your taxes.
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Alexa, get started with Educators Credit Union!

Educators Credit Union is coming to your home! Starting now, you can connect the credit union to your Amazon® Alexa-enabled device. Manage your account with your voice and use Alexa to make transfers, pay loans, check account balances, and much more.
Here’s how you get started:

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device.
Tap the menu at the top left of the home screen and select “Skills & Games.”
Search for Educators Credit Union in the Skills Store and tap the Enable To Use button.
On the Welcome screen, tap Accept and Continue.
Enter your Online Banking username and password and tap “Verify.”
Map the Educators Credit Union account nicknames to your existing shares or loans and select the Map Accounts button.
Enter a four-digit PIN to authenticate the Educators Credit Union Skill. Enter it again. Select the Submit button.
Enter your email and phone number.
Select text (SMS) or email as the delivery method for authentication codes.
Select Submit on the congratulations screen.

You’re now ready to access your Educators Credit Union account with Alexa! For more information on commands you can use with your device, click here.
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Educators Credit Union Celebrates Three Saver’s Sweepstakes Winners

The third Saver’s Sweepstakes drawing was held on December 17th and three Educators Credit Union members were lucky winners of $100.
Last month’s Educators Credit Union Saver’s Sweepstakes winners were:

Nadine M.
Patricia K.
Jessie J.

The Saver’s Sweepstakes is a brand new prize-based savings account created by The Wisconsin Credit Union League with help from several credit unions across the state. Members earn entries into the sweepstakes for every $25 saved each month. They can receive up to six entries monthly. Those entries go towards a $100 monthly drawing, $1,000 quarterly drawing and the $5,000 yearly grand prize drawing.
While the Saver’s Sweepstakes is special because members can win for saving, it was created to help credit union members develop good saving habits.
The next group of winners will be picked in mid-January. For full entry rules and information, visit
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Whoa. Did the Educators website just change?

Whoa. Did the Educators website just change?
— I’m so happy that you noticed!
Educators Credit Union is happy to present some much-needed updates to our website. While these changes should improve the look and function of the site, we know how exciting and scary that these changes can be!
The new look incorporates much of the look and feel you currently get when going into Educators Credit Union branches, including aesthetics made famous by Wisconsin architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Many of our branches have a bit of Wright’s influence in them, whether it’s the stain glass grid or the prairie building design he was fond of. The new colors keep the theme, with earthy tones aimed at comforting.
These changes are just the start of a round of upgrades you will see to the website in 2019. As the year progresses, we’ll also add a fully integrated Spanish web experience, an update to our Careers page and mobile experience updates.
As always, if you’re ever in need of assistance, reach out to us! Our team is happy to hear from everyone through our blog discussions, any of our social media channels, email and texts. All of the feedback is read through and discussed on a daily basis – we do our best to respond to every single comment.
I hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year.
Marketing Manager
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Educators Credit Union Adds a New Team and Branch!

Educators Credit Union has merged with the Aurora Credit Union! The merger was completed on Tuesday, Jan. 1. Through this partnership, Educators is adding over 5,500 members, seven new employees, and one new branch.
For Aurora Credit Union members, this merger will give them access to Educators’ first-class services and products, including Mobile Banking, FlashCash, Ctrl and more. They’ll also have access to Educators Credit Union’s 22 other locations, giving them more options for managing their finances.
Educators Credit Union members now have an additional branch in Milwaukee to help service their needs. Located at 3355 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee, this branch can help members in southern Milwaukee County.
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