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Paris Transportation Zone Map

Paris and the surrounding area is divided into 5 circular zones for use in pricing public transportation passes.  The RATP/STIF transit authorities recently (September 2015) changed zone prices to be either all-zone (1 through 5) or one of 3 sub-zones excluding central Paris Zone 1 (zones 2-5, 3-5, 4-5).  There is a slight discount for travelers not needing central Paris coverage on their passes. Examples of popular destinations and their zones:

Chateau Versailles & Orly Airport – Zone 4
CDG Airport & Disneyland® Paris – Zone 5
Fontainebleau – Zone 5

This Paris Train Zone Map (950KB PDF) displays train zones for RER trains, Transilien trains, Trams throughout fare zones 1 to 5 which applies to:

Pass Navigo / Pass Navigo Decouverte
Paris Visite Pass
Ticket Mobilis (day pass)
Ticket Jeunes (day pass for 25 and under, valid only on weekends/holidays)

Paris Metro (urban city subway) is all a single zone although it has stations in both Zones 1-2 as shown on this more detailed zone map including Paris Metro, RER and Transilien (intercity) trains (900KB PDF, opens a new window).  Paris Metro tickets are valid for travel anywhere within Zone 1 and all of the Metro system is a single zone requiring only a single Metro Ticket / Ticket t+ (even if the Metro station you’re at is outside of Zone 1, I realize this is confusing).  Be careful at La Défense when exiting the Metro area.  Be sure to use the Metro exit and not the RER exit, both of which will generally be available to you due to fences which may be opened at particular times.  A RER ticket is required to pass through RER exit turnstiles, while the Metro exit will not require a ticket.
What’s visible on the Zones map:

Fare Zones (“Zones Tarifaires”) 1 through 5
RER A, RER B, RER C, D, E train lines
RER & Transilien train network in Ile-de-France (administrative region around Paris)
Station names along all RER/Translien train lines
Connections (“Correspondances”) and transfer possible between different RER, Transilien, and RER to Transilien trains
Shuttle bus (“navettes bus”) from RER C station: Pont de Rungis and Orly Airport
Orlyval train to Paris-Orly Airport between RER B station: Antony and Orly West / Orly South airport terminals, which requires a special fare (“tarification spéciale”)
Major tourist sites (“Sites touristiques”) accessible from certain stations

(Zone map courtesy of RATP)
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