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2 Comments About one month ago I had the pleasure to announce the release of the second edition of my book.

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, CDI, Containers, DevOps, EJB, JakartaEE, Java, , Microprofile, Microservices Boring Enterprise Java – AIRHACKS.
FM Podcast.
Leave a comment Originally posted at Adam Bien’s blog: http://adambien.blog/roller/abien/entry/boring_enterprise_java_airhacks_fm An airhacks.fm podcast conversation with Elder Moraes (@elderjava) about Java EE at JavaONE.

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, Community, JakartaEE, , Microprofile, Social Book Review: The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide, by John Sonmez.
Leave a comment First of all: if you have no idea who is John Sonmez you definitely have to work on it.

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5 Mistakes That Keep Java EE Developers Away from Great Projects.

6 Comments Who doesn’t want to work on a great project

I do.
And I am almost sure that you too.

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3 Practical Ways to Be Up To Date With Java EE.
Leave a comment If you are a server side developer I’m sure you already realized that being up to date with technology is… Continue Reading → Posted in: , JavaOne LA 2016 – Part 2 – Being a Speaker.
Leave a comment It’s been really really difficult to keep on posting here… I got to deal with this.

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, Talk Think your career and move forward.

Leave a comment Today I will not share any architecture content

but a little career advice.
I’ve been doing what I do for… Continue Reading → Posted in: Blogging course.
Leave a comment I have never thought it would exist a thing like a blogging course.
I always seen blogging as an empirical… Continue Reading → Posted in : Blogging, Talking about dreams.
Leave a comment Hey folks.
What’s up.
Today I will talk about dreams.
Yup, dreams.
If you think that dreaming has nothing to… Continue Reading → Posted in : , , Docker, In the beginning.

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Glad you are here, whoever you are… I’ve started this blog specially to help myself in my preparation… Continue Reading → Posted in: , Certification, OCM-JEA Java @ Cloud Age.
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